Johnny Plays, People Fall in Love

New York & Chicago Style

A Reason to Come In and Stay Awhile.

Jonathan Menchin at the piano

Jonathan is a master of the New York & Chicago steakhouse and piano bar style of piano that makes dining out in those cities so exciting and romantic. There's a pulse in the room -- the atmosphere of nightlife and romance and the energy and fun of the big city. His piano music fills the room with warmth, gives people an invitation into the room and a reason to stay. Jonathan plays for the crowd letting them talk to each other and hear him in the background or come sit around the piano and engage up close. A much deserved break from the everyday life, a time out in a sophisticated, comforting room. Tasteful and elegant.

Host & Storyteller

Bringing People Together

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Jonathan has the rare ability to play the piano and talk at the same time. "I seem to talk better when I play and I play better when I talk." Along with his friendly, open personality, he puts that to good use as a storyteller, comedian and acts as a social director. He encourages everyone to relax, gets everyone talking and having a few laughs. His piano makes people comfortable to talk to each other and to take the time to make new friends and business acquaintances -- an idea place to meet socially and professionally. Brings the warmth into a hotel or restaurant and bar. Customers stay a little longer, have one more drink and don't want the night to end. An experience they won't forget, will want to come back for and bring their friends.

Music for Grownups.

The Music Menu from a Quieter Time.

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Jonathan plays music for grownups, songs from a quieter time. Timeless melodies everyone knows from a more elegant and refined time. Songs written by Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart and George Gershwin. Please take a look at THE MUSIC MENU and place your order for a song or two. These are the beautifully crafted tried and true songs written for Broadway and the movies, for Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Perfectly rendered by the soothing, rippling, sparkling sound of a piano. There's truly nothing like that welcoming sound.